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Discover how a simple guarantee can skyrocket your sales."

Two people shaking hands confirming a sale

I want to show you a simple way to get more customers.

In nearly every transaction we hand over our money FIRST and THEN receive the goods. And for some customers, that's a problem. It means that they take the risk you're going to deliver what they've asked for. Every time customers pay upfront, they're haunted by a question: 'Will I really get what I paid for?' This doubt can be a silent sales killer, making potential buyers hesitate or even walk away.

A guarantee is a risk reversal - in other words, you are taking away the risk from your customers when they buy from you and if you can do that you eliminate one of the major buying objections your customer may have.

Consider online retail giants like Amazon. Their hassle-free return policy is essentially a guarantee that has massively boosted customer trust and sales. It's a prime example of risk reversal in action.

You can use guarantees everywhere but they are especially powerful on the internet because they can provide that final push your visitor needs to feel confident enough to get in touch or buy your product directly. Confidence is a big factor in people's purchasing decisions online. The more confidence you can give them the greater the likelihood they will buy from you.

If you're worried about everyone suddenly using your guarantees, they won't. My research indicates that at most only 1-2% of your customers will ever use your guarantee. (Zippo lighters have been using a money-back guarantee for nearly 80 years which proves that they get more sales because of the guarantee than costs arising from it.)

Here are some example guarantees to get you started.

Guarantee Your Work

  • If our repair fails in the first 90 days then we’ll do it again for free.

  • If our cleaning fails to meet your high standards of excellence, we’ll do it again free of charge.

Guarantee Your Service

  • If we are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, the next hour’s work is on us.

  • If our technicians are not the most cheerful, pleasant people you’ve ever met, have a bottle of Champagne on us.

Guarantee Your Product

  • If you don't like it within the first 30 days we will give you a 100%, no-hassle refund.

  • If our XYZ breaks within 5 years we’ll replace it free of charge. (That’s called a limited guarantee but you could extend that to a lifetime guarantee.)

And don’t forget your competitors are offering something similar to you and so, your guarantee helps differentiate you from them whilst simultaneously boosting your prospect’s confidence in your business.

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