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What They Say

“This is a complex subject which Jed makes brilliantly simple and the content when applied really does work extremely well. Follow the advice from this genuine expert.”

Richard Denny, Millionaire Maker sales expert and best-selling author of “Sell to Win"

"Jed has helped our company make decisions for our website's present and future development by supplying reliable and easy to understand advice. His commonsense delivery and 'no pressure' approach is a rare find."

John Hartley, Web Manager of Hugh Rice Jewellers

"I've learned a lot from you, and you do a quite amazing job of building trust through videos and emails, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to someone who needs the services you offer."

Dan Hobbs

"Just wanted to say a massive ‘thank you’ for helping me bring the Academy to fruition.  I couldn’t have done it without you."

Andy Maslen, Author, Trainer

"Jed has worked for me over a period of 3 years. He has an incisive and analytical mind. This combined with excellent communication skills makes him unique. His overall business acumen and specifically how to make websites profitable are his key strengths. He is a pleasure to work with and he is generous with his time."

Kieran Breheny, Managing Director of Navigate US

"Thanks so much for providing such an engaging and inspiring session."

Sophie Thornberry, Membership & Marketing Manager of Audiences Yorkshire

"Really interesting.  I like it when I hear techniques that are against common thinking."

Suzanne Wynne, Marketing Co-ordinator of Chol Theatre

“Jed has come up with the goods every time and his efforts have resulted in increased sales. He is passionate, creative and innovative and is excellent at interacting with every level within the business.  All the staff felt very much at ease and his whole approach made them feel part of the marketing.  He is flexible, works quickly and has an unerring capacity to separate the wood for the trees and focus on what’s important.”

Mark Benger, Managing Director of Bengers

“Jed has been excellent.  He gave us a holistic strategy to take the company forward to the next level.  His clear thinking in all aspects of business transformation was instrumental in enabling us to make some significant adjustments to our company culture, sales and marketing. He has a structured approach to instigating sales and marketing strategies which have been brilliant.”

Roger Withinshaw, Managing Director, Outsource Site Services

"Thank you so much for all your support these past 18 months, I couldn’t have kept going without you and I can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to a great year ahead."


Kathryn Pinkham, Managing Director of The Insomnia Clinic

"Jed provides us with a clear strategic marketing direction. The approach is very creative, open and holistic for the team, inspiring deep thinking debates leading to positive change."

Imre Tolgyesi

"Having now worked with Jed for years; his understanding and execution of such communications is on a level above the rest.  Jed understands the detail and the nuances.  I have been very grateful also for the patient hours in between the work - listening, supporting, advising, challenging and so on.  In fact, unofficially Jed has performed a mentor role too.  Jed is focused on getting the desired results achieved and consistently carries out his work with enthusiasm, integrity and attention to detail.  I find that, combined with being a genuinely present-day expert in his field, is outstanding in my 20 years of experience."


Tom Kitching, Managing Director of Henchman

Stunning - brilliant original thought
Very useful, succinct and personable
Brilliant - made the day!
Really useful info not just on digital marketing
Excellent insight new info
Excellent - I was very impressed.


NHS Speaking Event

"Your expertise was extremely valuable. Thank you."

Dr Jon Wyness, British Psychological Society

"It has been a complete pleasure to work with Jed over the past 18 months.  He provided Leisure with invaluable advice and support which has really helped to develop and drive our service forward.  His work has helped us to maximise our income and increase member retention with the introduction of Active Campaign, the development of the new website and ongoing sales training with our centre teams.  I cannot thank him enough for his inspiring ideas and for creating so many different opportunities for Leisure!

Sam Osbourne, Marketing and Promotion Officer Leisure/Facilities of South Staffordshire Council

“Jed has assisted us in the development of our digital marketing strategy and particularly the website. We set out objectives and through a consultative approach, Jed was able to guide us through the minefield of choices that can influence the effectiveness of digital engagement with an easy-to-understand structure. The whole process is a partnership and Jed feels like an extension of our internal team”.

Paul Hussein, Marketing Director of Fujikura

“Jed has increased both our leads and sales by 75% in just a few months. He has a keen strategic mind and immediately demonstrated how we could improve our marketing to generate more leads. Jed also helped us reactivate old prospects and has written successful email marketing campaigns. He's been a real find!”

Mitch Lawrence, Managing Director of Staffordshire Kitchens & Granite

“Jed has worked with South Staffordshire Council as a consultant, however, the relationship quickly developed into a true partnership approach, Jed has supported, coached and mentored members of our service teams to deliver on our commercial agenda. This has included running individual sessions and 90-day workshops with a training element included e.g. copywriting techniques. Jed has also mentored our Business Development Team Manager as a direct result of Jed’s work with the Council we have achieved and surpassed our new income generation target of £100k and the work has led to a shift in the culture within the organisation of adopting a more commercialised approach to our service offers.

I have benefited personally from working with Jed and we have had healthy debates which have influenced me in my role as Corporate Director Commercial and would have no hesitation in recommending Jed.”

Jackie Smith, Corporate Director Commercial, South Staffordshire Council

"Credit where it’s due, Jed is great. He really helped zone in on what we should do, how and more so, what works. Getting context, seeing the wood for the trees and the articulation of our message online has been highly valuable.  I can highly recommend him."

Jason Pierce, Managing Director of Skillsarena

"I feel as if the doors to online marketing have been flung open and I am really excited about stepping through to see what can be achieved."

Anna Scarfe, Darts

"Ever been struck with that feeling that the whole digital/web thing is just too complicated to get your head around? Well, I have some great news for you all, get Jed Wylie on the case and it all becomes a far less scary proposition. I have personally known Jed for many years and he has steadily developed into a true fountain of knowledge on all things web-related, how to get your site performing, also maybe why it isn’t and what to do about it. His business approach is very structured which ensures that no opportunity is missed in getting the very best for his clients. To support his ‘guru’ status in this field he has recently written a book on the whole subject – “Make Your Website Sell” – which tells you all you need to know. If I were you, although it is an excellent book, I would rather get Jed on the case now and get the results you want today."

Steve Dingley, Managing Director  of Real World Coaching

"We would like to thank you for your valued assistance during the last year, which has been very much appreciated, and look forward to working with you in the year ahead."

David Tudor, Taylor Ltd

"Jed brought a new way of thinking and a commercial approach to our activities by using data intelligence we had never used before; we were able to identify prosperous target markets and new opportunities for income generation. As a result, the Council exceeded its £100k income target and our employees have developed their marketing knowledge and skillset to build on what has been a fantastic 18 months."

Niki Taylor, Business Development Team Manager ofSouth Staffordshire Council

"Excellent - as someone not involved with marketing, I was very impressed."

Bristol Community Health

“We saw what other companies had achieved using Jed and immediately recognised the benefit of using his service. We are very impressed with his capacity to understand our business both in terms of finances and ethos before making any suggestions – a fact which demonstrates how he creates solutions on an individual basis – it is true consultancy.”

Richard Stonier, Senior Partner of Deans

“Jed has been instrumental in growing our business.  He was the first consultant who took the time and effort to understand who we were and what we did.  That keenness to understand our business immediately paid dividends with significant increases in quotes and sales.”

Mark Benger, Managing Director of Farmsure

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