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“Jed has been excellent.  He gave us a holistic strategy to take the company forward to the next level.  His clear thinking in all aspects of business transformation was instrumental in enabling us to make some significant adjustments to our company culture, sales and marketing. He has a structured approach to instigating sales and marketing strategies which have been brilliant.”

Roger Withinshaw, Managing Director

Who is Outsource

Outsource Corporation is a multi-million commercial site services broker.  They supply all types of construction site services across the UK from skips and portable toilets to JCBs and tower cranes.

How our relationship began

Roger (Outsource, MD) contacted me directly after receiving one of my regular ROAR Inspiration emails.  Roger was looking to increase the company's turnover through better sales and marketing.

A snippet of my contribution

Working with Outsource is rewarding and enjoyable for both parties here are my top reasons why; 1) I got to work at all levels across the organisation (staff, management, board), 2) their eagerness to implement my advice and strategies 3) they are winning more business as a result of my work.

Here's a small sample of my work so far:

Creating and writing a multi-step marketing strategy.

Creating collateral to support the strategy.

Developing a new brand identity.

Providing Executive and Director level support and guidance to assist in defining direction and identifying potential markets.

Working across all levels of the organisation to engage all staff with the marketing plans and processes.

Facilitating the development of the strategic plan.

Providing sales training to the Customer Sales Team and New Sales Team and writing supporting sales emails and sales scripts.

Building a sales intranet which includes sales techniques, handling gatekeepers, specific conversation openers, questioning techniques, objection handling.

Deep customer buying analysis using modelling techniques to identify marketing and sales gaps.

Here's a quick overview of one piece of work set to net a seven-figure value:

Outsource sell a wide range of services in a hyper-competitive market but their service has often led to clients frequently requesting more than one service.  I identified that the potential for increasing the revenue generated by each client could be considerable since most clients would need more than one service.  (On average a client took up between 20-30% of the backend over a 12-month period.)

Using a specific business modelling technique, I reviewed sales data and analysed customer spend against the total potential spend across all services.  This produced a financial sales model which identified the gaps in backend services on a per-customer basis.  Once the analysis was complete, I was able to predictably define the number of realistic sales which could be achieved simply by increasing back-end sales to existing clients.  This amounted to over a seven-figure amount in additional revenue. 

The sales team have been tasked to focus on proactively selling back-end services to their client base and Outsource is well underway to achieve an additional seven figures in sales revenue.

I continue to be retained by Outsource and have been working with them for over two years.

What they think about my work

Winning in a Hyper-Competitive Market

“Jed has a structured approach to instigating sales and marketing strategies which have been brilliant.”

Roger Withinshaw, Managing Director

Items used from the Marketing Toolbox

Continuity Back-End Sequencing

Sell a back-end of services using automated email marketing techniques

Copy Writing

Write compelling copy that magnetically attracts 'ready-to-buy' customers

Cross Connecting Channels 

Create connections between marketing channels to funnel your prospect towards your intended goal

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to build long-lasting relationships

Hand-to-Hand Selling

Learn the basic selling techniques to sell which don't pressurise or manipulate your prospect

High-Low Service Profiling

Organise your offering with the most expensive service first and then selling downstream

Lead Generation Tactics

Use multiple techniques to effortlessly bring prospects to your business using lead magnets and Irresistible Intrigue Offers

Marketing Goal Setting

Construct solid, sustainable and achievable, marketing goals using commercial metrics

Overcoming Sales Objections

Convert prospects who failed to buy using sales handling techniques

Understanding Commercials Matrices

Identify new opportunities through analysis of your existing commercial metrics

Writing Marketing Plans

Quickly write marketing plans using my unique, tested and practical formula – applicable to any marketing campaign

Commercial Analytics

Pinpoint the key metrics in your business which help you increase profitability and drive down cost

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