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“We saw what other companies had achieved using Jed and immediately recognised the benefit of using his service. We are very impressed with his capacity to understand our business both in terms of finances and ethos before making any suggestions – a fact which demonstrates how he creates solutions on an individual basis – it is true consultancy.”

Richard Stonier, Senior Partner

Who are Deans?

Deans are a large accountancy practice operating largely in the Midlands.

How our relationship began

The Partners had heard how I'd helped other companies in the area increase their sales and engaged me to grow their existing business success by improving their marketing.

A snippet of my contribution

I'm still in the early stages of helping Deans but I thought this case study was interesting in illustrating how sometimes I can quickly identify 'hidden' opportunities in businesses. 

Two sessions into our work together I asked for specific commercial data.  I often do this to get a baseline on what is selling well, to whom, where, from what marketing channels, etc.  After a deep analysis,  I discovered multiple revenue opportunities from their existing client base as well as some highly profitable ‘lead’ services which develop client relationships and facilitate easy upselling of other beneficial services.  The potential revenue estimated is in the mid-£X00,000 and, most exciting of all, it doesn't require the business to 'sell', just to slightly adjust its processes.  Deans are already generating revenue from this.

Part of my work is in identifying opportunities that might have high value to the business and getting them to the marketplace quickly - this was the case with Deans' Forensic Accounting service.  In a few short weeks, the site was written, designed, and built and is now generating additional revenue for the business on autopilot.

Accounting for Success

“We saw what other companies had achieved using Jed and immediately recognised the benefit of using his service.”

Richard Stonier, Senior Partner

Items used from the Marketing Toolbox

Copy Writing

Write compelling copy that magnetically attracts 'ready-to-buy' customers

High-Low Service Profiling

Organise your offering with the most expensive service first and then selling downstream

Marketing Goal Setting

Construct solid, sustainable and achievable, marketing goals using commercial metrics

Marketing Metrics

Define and implement the critical metrics you need before beginning any marketing

Offline/Online Relationships

Use offline marketing techniques to generate online traffic

Commercial Analytics

Pinpoint the key metrics in your business which help you increase profitability and drive down cost

The forensics service is interesting because like estate agents there are two customers; the solicitor who chooses the service and the end-user.  The website describes the benefits to the solicitor and then the benefits to their customer.  This is critical since the effectiveness of the pitch is dependent on both parties feeling comfortable with using Deans.  Additionally, throughout I address the primary concerns of the solicitor (how long the service takes, what the service offers, costs, etc) turning each into a benefit.  (Click on the picture to see the home page.)

I continue to work with Deans on a monthly basis and enjoy finding new approaches to grow their business further.

What they think about my work

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