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“Jed has been instrumental in growing our business.  He was the first consultant who took the time and effort to understand who we were and what we did.  That keenness to understand our business immediately paid dividends with significant increases in quotes and sales.”

Mark Benger, Managing Director

Who are Farmsure

Farmsure is a multi-million insurance underwriting company providing insurance cover to the agricultural industry via brokers.

How our relationship began

I was asked to help develop the national launch of Farmsure after the success of previous work I had undertaken for the company.

A snippet of my contribution

Marketing is every communication you have with the world outside your business [Levinson, 1994].  I was set this task by Farmsure - to develop and manage all the marketing for the entire business.

Farmsure had been growing organically in the market for some years but Mark wanted to take the business to a new level by enabling brokers to set up their client's insurance online - a major innovation in the agricultural market.  I worked closely with the business to rebrand Farmsure and then construct a marketing plan to support the delivery of some aggressive business development targets.  The full plan included deep customer profiling, defining the brand identity and a complete interrelated strategic action plan for eight separate marketing channels including; email marketing, social media, pay-per-click, referrals, existing customers, etc.

Once complete, I wrote the collateral for the three main insurance products (for both digital and print), conference materials, banners, merchandise, website and customer engagement materials.  This also included identifying the key benefits of each product and linking the benefits to frustrations within the market to magnify their overall effect

Farmsure was launched at a broker conference and immediately won new business and increased business from existing brokers.

We will be launching the brand to the entire broker community in the next few months, but in the meantime, my work has created a large increase in quotes and sales in recent months.

Launching a National Insurance Brand

“Jed has been instrumental in growing our business.”

Mark Benger, Managing Director

Items used from the Marketing Toolbox

Copy Writing

Write compelling copy that magnetically attracts 'ready-to-buy' customers

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to build long-lasting relationships

Lead Generation Tactics

Use multiple techniques to effortlessly bring prospects to your business using lead magnets and Irresistible Intrigue Offers

Marketing Goal Setting

Construct solid, sustainable and achievable, marketing goals using commercial metrics

Offline/Online Relationships

Use offline marketing techniques to generate online traffic

Omnipresence Marketing

Have your brand appear everywhere simultaneously in your prospect’s digisphere

Split Testing

Use A/B, AB/C and Taguchi testing to maximise the return from your marketing

Writing Marketing Plans

Quickly write marketing plans using my unique, tested and practical formula – applicable to any marketing campaign

Commercial Analytics

Pinpoint the key metrics in your business which help you increase profitability and drive down cost

Follow-Up Strategies

Automate sales communications with customers and prospects to increase your revenue

Follow-Up Auto-Launches

Use this automated marketing technique to sell the back-end of your products at almost no cost

Product Launch

Use key marketing techniques to launch your product or service achieving the deepest market penetration for the least cost

Content Marketing

Use your industry knowledge to position you as an expert in your field by sending valuable content to your prospects

Traditional Advertising

Get more leads into your business using tried and tested traditional advertising techniques

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