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“Jed has come up with the goods every time and his efforts have resulted in increased sales.

He is passionate, creative and innovative and is excellent at interacting with every level within the business.  All the staff felt very much at ease and his whole approach made them feel part of the marketing.  He is flexible, works quickly and has an unerring capacity to separate the wood for the trees and focus on what’s important.”

Mark Benger - Managing Director

Who are Bengers

Bengers are one of Shropshire's oldest and largest insurance brokers.  With hundreds of customers insured they have got real skill in helping agricultural businesses get the right cover for the right price and keeping their businesses operational should disaster strike.

How our relationship began

Mark Benger was looking to double his business over two years and was chatting to Roger Withinshaw (MD, Outsource).  Roger's business is growing and was kind enough to cite me as one of the principal reasons for their increased revenue.

A snippet of my contribution

Bengers only used organic means to grow their business (so achieving multi-million-pound status purely on that demonstrates just how good they are at customer service).  However, Mark recognised that in order to grow the business quickly he'd need to execute some effective marketing.  I knew that in order to build the marketing collateral I'd need to know who the prospect was inside-out and so we embarked on my structured approach called Emotional Transplanting.  Roughly, it goes like this:

Pin down the demographics and psychographics of the prospect.

Then identify their pain points or frustrations (for example, farmers often feel it's a chore to sort out insurance).

Next determine what the symptoms of those frustrations might be (so, if it's a chore the resulting symptom is the prospect putting it off).

Then identify the emotions that are at the heart of the frustrations (again, if it's a chore the prospect will feel bored by it).

Finally, I established the solutions or mitigations which remove the frustrations for the prospect (in our example, the solution is to do all the paperwork for the client).

Developing a partner portal to maximise reseller engagement and reseller income generation.

Once I'd covered all the frustrations, symptoms, emotions and mitigations together all I needed to do was to turn them into carefully constructed copy.  Below is one of the pieces of marketing collateral I developed using this approach, it's a simple trifold leaflet.  Within 1 month of limited circulation, it had more than tripled their field sales.

We've Got You Covered

“Jed has come up with the goods every time and his efforts have resulted in increased sales.”

Mark Benger, Managing Director

Items used from the Marketing Toolbox

Google Ads

Develop, run, and improve cost-effective Google Advertising campaigns

Copy Writing

Write compelling copy that magnetically attracts 'ready-to-buy' customers

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to build long-lasting relationships

Hand-to-Hand Selling

Learn the basic selling techniques to sell which don't pressurise or manipulate your prospect

Marketing Goal Setting

Construct solid, sustainable and achievable, marketing goals using commercial metrics

Writing Marketing Plans

Quickly write marketing plans using my unique, tested and practical formula – applicable to any marketing campaign

Traditional Advertising

Get more leads into your business using tried and tested traditional advertising techniques

I then developed a simple referral scheme.  (Click on the pictures above to see full size.)  Again, the copy is carefully phrased to be easy to read, warm, and get the point over clearly and in a memorable way.  The first 10 cards yielded 4 referrals.

The work is continuing and reveals one of the most pleasing aspects of my work - when my customers see a direct increase in revenue and sales.

What they think about my work

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