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“Jed has assisted us in the development of our digital marketing strategy and particularly the website. We set out objectives and through a consultative approach Jed was able to guide us through the minefield of choices that can influence the effectiveness of digital engagement with an easy to understand structure. The whole process is a partnership and Jed feels like an extension of our internal team”.

Paul Hussein, Marketing Director

Who are Fujikura

Fujikura is a global brand leading the manufacture of optic fibre and networking products. Their success generates a turnover in excess of $7 billion dollars, growing year on year, and includes multiple worldwide subsidiaries including AFL Hyperscale and Optronics both of whom I work with.


How our relationship began

I regularly offer free content to the marketplace including several free how-to books on improving commercial marketing. Fujikura became one of my email subscribers and after receiving a number of my emails requested that we develop their AFL Hyperscale website alongside supporting their digital marketing strategy.

A snippet of my contribution

Fujikura chose me to help support their digital marketing through my technical skills-set and marketing expertise and also, my innovative approach to the digital marketplace. Some of my work included:

Co-designing and building more than four high-performance websites (now including the principal International Fujikura website) each supporting unique marketplaces and the generation of the UK and global revenue.

Realising the best user experience to maximise engagement and revenue.

Advising on digital routes to market.

Working collaboratively across multiple business units to achieve project success.

Overseeing the project management, timescales, deadlines and budgets.

Developing a partner portal to maximise reseller engagement and reseller income generation.

A key area of my work is in helping innovate around the website. This includes identifying new and fresh approaches which can be implemented that will help improve the visitor journey and end in a successful enquiry. It can range from identifying and overcoming aspects of the site which cause the user to reverse their path to improving navigation so the user to their desired objective quickly.

I continue to be retained by Fujikura on a monthly basis and have been working with them for over three years.

What they think about my work

Growing through digital business

“The whole process is a partnership and Jed feels like an extension of our internal team”

Paul Hussein, Marketing Director

Items used from the Marketing Toolbox

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Website Conversion Optimisation

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