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My approach

How it works

Let's grow your business through marketing: My aim is for you to increase your customers, increase how much they spend with you and for them to do so more frequently. This is how we will do it together.

We will have monthly virtual or face-to-face Campaign Action Meeting and work on your marketing campaign plan and strategy. These meetings will combine my marketing expertise with your business experience to enable us to work on specific, achievable goals and identify the steps necessary to get immediate results. This may be through implementing a new marketing strategy, optimisation of your website, adjustments to paid advertising or even reworking your sales process to increase your conversion ratio.

Then we have weekly Virtual Support & Progress Meetings ensuring we’re in constant communication as we build and deploy your marketing campaign(s) and help keep the momentum going.

Perhaps most importantly, I often end up writing sales copy, reviewing your analytics, deep-diving into your social media, writing and building ad campaigns and actually doing some of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

You can also expect me to reply with regular emails, voice memos, and even personal videos.

My fees are simple: £125/hour (+VAT) with most of my customers choosing anything from 4-16 hours per month.

I have been consulting for over 20 years and have generated real increases in revenue for my clients. (Read my Case Studies here and take a look at my Marketing toolbox to see which tactics are best suited to your business goals.)

My personal guarantee and why my true cost is zero

My sole aim is to ensure you make a return from investing in your marketing.

The value and returns you get back from using my service should far outweigh the fees. So, in reality, my service has zero cost and should return far greater value than you spend on me.

This is so important to me that I back it with my personal guarantee:
If, after the first session, you don't think we're a good fit I won't charge you a penny.

Here's what you get when you become my client

Campaign Action Meetings

Monthly virtual or face-to-face meetings to turn your business goals into reality. This is where we develop the plan to take your business to the next level.

Virtual Support & Progress Meetings

Weekly or fortnightly scheduled Zoom support meetings to keep your marketing on track.

Unlimited Email Support

All your emails answered by me personally and typically within one working day.

Access Private Client’s Area

Free access to Trello/Basecamp project management software. Gives you a complete overview of your project in one place including tasks, discussions, planned activities, resources and other extras.

Screen Sharing

Share my screen as I demonstrate and explain specific marketing techniques and approaches giving you the solutions to problems and helping increase your marketing productivity.

Online Training

Access to my online training courses.


  • I want to put my marketing on autopilot. Can you help?
    Absolutely. Creating marketing funnels which automatically generate leads and sales is what I do all the time for customers. Let me know what you're trying to achieve and I'll tell you how we can automate it.
  • I need to talk over what I need from my marketing. Can I call you?
    Sure. Let's schedule a time. I'm usually available for calls anytime from 3 PM to 5 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Just let me know which day suits you best and I'll be back in touch soon.
  • Do I need to do any technical stuff?
    No. Don't tell anyone, but I love doing the technical stuff (I'm 100% marketing nerd). I have spent 20 years working on hundreds of online marketing software and know how to stitch together multiple platforms to create powerful and streamlined sales funnels. I can also help your team (internal/external) if you'd like them to do it instead.
  • What industries or businesses do you specialise in?
    I've worked across a huge number of vertical markets from retail, insurance, healthcare, technology, leisure, consulting, public sector and more. The strategies I use work universally across all industry settings - with some careful adjustments to match your business. (Marketing is fundamentally based on human behaviour and psychology and so is applicable across almost every sector.)
  • Do you only do digital marketing?
    Alongside digital (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, email marketing, website optimisation and more) I also can help with your offline/traditional marketing. I created and run exhibitions, developed and written brochures, run direct mail campaigns and much more. I can also connect your offline and online marketing together to create a more powerful marketing funnel. Let me know what you've got in mind.
  • How long will it take before I see results?
    Truthfully, it depends, but if you've already got a healthy business and you're turning over 6-figures or more, you could get a return in the first week. If you're launching a new product/service it could take a few months. It is, in part, determined by what help you need.
  • Do I have to write the ads and copy?
    No. I can do that for you or I can work with your team (internal or external) to help them do it. Plus, after 5 hours of us working together you automatically qualify for access to my online training course "The Ultimate Ad Machine" so you can take the whole process internally, if you wish.
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