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Marketing Consultant

20 years proven track record, published author, millions generated for customers.

Jed Wylie

90-minute Strategy Session

Join Jed on a private marketing strategy session that will quickly increase your sales, customers and profits. 

Launchpad Email Marketing

Online training so you can get more sales from your emails using email sequence that works on autopilot, effortlessly driving sales into your business.

Get More Customers From Your Website eBook

Discover the most effective ways of growing your business on the Internet using a strategy I use to keep my client's order books full!

I can grow your business through marketing strategies and campaigns which increase your sales and profit.

Results you can expect from our work together:

More visitors converted into customers

Increased repeat business

Increased awareness of your brand

More traffic to your website and social media

I have a proven track record in generating results; including a 7-figure increase for a construction brokerage company, a 6-figure doubling of an online training company, over £250,000 in additional revenue for a leisure business, a 6-figure increase in average spend for an accountancy company, 100k+ in direct sales for a district council and many more.

I build and execute marketing strategies which continuously attract and convert prospects into customers

Areas I can help you with:

  Deep business analysis, creative problem-solving, training and marketing platform technical support (Kartra, ActiveCampaign, Facebook Ads, etc)

  Increase your Return on Advertising Spend

  Build profitable social media advertising strategies

  Develop effective marketing content (sales landing pages, brochures, articles, sales email sequences and more)

  Boost conversions from your website

  Build marketing campaigns that automatically generate customers

  Create internet sales funnels which can be put on autopilot.

“Jed has been instrumental in growing our business. He was the first consultant who took the time and effort to understand who we were and what we did. That keenness to understand our business immediately paid dividends with significant increases in quotes and sales.”

Mark Benger, Managing Director of Farmsure

“This is a complex subject which Jed makes brilliantly simple and the content when applied really does work extremely well. Follow the advice from this genuine expert.”

Richard Denny, Millionaire Maker sales expert and best-selling author of “Sell to Win"

"Jed has helped our company make decisions for our website's present and future development by supplying reliable and easy to understand advice. His commonsense delivery and 'no pressure' approach is a rare find."

John Hartley, Web Manager of Hugh Rice Jewellers

"Having now worked with Jed for years; his understanding and execution of such communications is on a level above the rest.  Jed understands the detail and the nuances.  I have been very grateful also for the patient hours in between the work - listening, supporting, advising, challenging and so on.  In fact, unofficially Jed has performed a mentor role too.  Jed is focused on getting the desired results achieved and consistently carries out his work with enthusiasm, integrity and attention to detail.  I find that, combined with being a genuinely present-day expert in his field, is outstanding in my 20 years of experience.


Tom Kitching, Managing Director of Henchman

"Credit where it’s due, Jed is great. He really helped zone in on what we should do, how and more so, what works. Getting context, seeing the wood for the trees and the articulation of our message online has been highly valuable.  I can highly recommend him."

Jason Pierce, Managing Director of Skillsarena

"I feel as if the doors to online marketing have been flung open and I am really excited about stepping through to see what can be achieved."

Anna Scarfe, Darts

20-year proven track record helping grow SMEs, corporates and blue-chip companies

Get More Customers

Strategy Call

Join me on a 90-minute strategy session that will give you marketing strategies you can use right now to increase your sales, customers and profits. 

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