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My free book

“How to get more customers from your website ...Even if you think you’ve tried everything!”

If you’d like to make improvements to the sales and enquiries coming from your website then invest a little of your time reading my free book.

The book is a step-by-step guide to building a successful digital marketing campaign for your business and details one of the most effective techniques for growing your business from the Internet using a strategy which can, largely, be put on autopilot.

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If you’re not familiar with my work, here’s a brief introduction:

Campaign Action Meetings

Monthly virtual or face-to-face meetings to turn your business goals into reality. This is where we develop the plan to take your business to the next level.

Virtual Support & Progress Meetings

Weekly or fortnightly scheduled Zoom support meetings to keep your marketing on track.

Unlimited Email Support

All your emails answered by me personally and typically within one working day.

Access Private Client’s Area

Free access to Trello/Basecamp project management software. Gives you a complete overview of the project in one place including tasks, discussions, planned activities, resources and other

What you get

Proven techniques, tactics, strategies and clear explanations packed inside the book without any guff or filler because the most important thing to me was that this material was helpful to you.

And it’s an easy read.

At just over 80 pages, you can read it in an afternoon and instantly understand what you need to do to get more customers from your website.

Get your FREE copy now

Applies to any business

In the book, I give numerous examples of other businesses who are using this successful marketing campaign strategy and lots of real-life examples and applications.

The strategies I detail apply to nearly every business because they are based on human behaviour and psychology and not sales technique or some new marketing fad.

Plus, when you implement it you’ll create enormous goodwill in your marketplace because you’ll be genuinely helping people who will choose to buy from you because they want to not because they’ve been ‘sold’.

Get your FREE copy now

Free for a limited time

At the moment I’m giving the book away for FREE as part of a marketing test. However, I will be testing a ‘paid for’ version shortly. (I haven’t finalised the price, but it will probably be around £6.99)

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